We live out on the northwestern plains of Kansas & we love it! The wide open spaces, sunsets & long walks on the dirt road are a few of our favorite things.


We started our ranch with 11 Angus, 18 Longhorns & 2 bulls. Currently, we manage 100+ head of cattle that cross graze approximately 2,000 acres of grass land pastures.


We knew from the start that we wanted to be unique. We started brainstorming & setting our mindsets to becoming a ranch that would stand out and be distinct. The decisions we made then, and are still making today, have had a huge impact on our lives as well as our animal's lives. We are very thankful for this plan that has been set in place for us.


Our future plans include growing organic vegetables, edible flowers, honey bees, fresh grass fed dairy milk, and baking with sourdough.


We love knowing where our food has come from and how our animals are treated & raised. We take pride in knowing our animals are well cared for and happy. Loved animals equal happy customers.

The future is bright here at Prairie Opal Ranch & we hope you will join us on our journey. We look forward to sharing our fresh products with you for years to come.


Our Story