1 Dozen Non-GMO, Non-Soy Chicken Eggs
  • Farm fresh, free range eggs from happy hens available at farmers markets and our local food cooperative. We do deliver to the front range once a month!


    These pullets are so fun to take home when they are only one day old, from the hatchery in the spring to producing eggs in the fall, they are lots of fun! They really have become our pets and most of them have names. . . Gabriela, T-Rex, Cookies, Cream, Princess, Pocahontas... to name a few :).


    They lay delicious eggs while having the freedom to forage in fresh air and sunshine. Our chickens get to spend all day outside and eat bugs, grass, weeds, seeds, roots, veggies, flowers & much more to then go into their barn-home to sleep at night. Oh, and don't forget those awesome fresh dirt baths!!


    We give them supplemental chicken feed (non-soy & non-gmo) that is designed to help our chickens with the nutrition they need for a balanced diet and help support and maintain overall health. Here are some benefits of their supplemental feed...

    • Prebiotics and enzymes to aid in healthy digestion.
    • Marigold extract is a natural enhancer for bright yellow yolks, they love the taste & it's healthy for them too!
    • Essential amino acids as a quality protein for growth and development, reproduction and support of healthy skin and feathers.
    • Phytase increases availability of phosphorus, calcium and energy to the bird.
    • Vitamin E and selenium are essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants to help support the immune system.
    • A trace mineral amino acid complex to improve bioavailability of nutrients and allows optimum absorption, which may help birds cope with the challenging effects of stress like cold weather. They also receive a Poultry Nutri-Balancer that is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement that help our poultry thrive. Always free of animal products with a high-quality vegetable protein and fat source.
    • They are also offered free choice oyster shell & grit.


    We take pride in caring for all of our animals here at Prairie Opal Ranch. Please see the page above called "Grazing The Benefits" to learn more about how our chickens are fed & raised. Happy egg eating!!

    1 Dozen Non-GMO, Non-Soy Chicken Eggs

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