Grass Fed Beef, Custom Whole
  • Thank you for being here and inquiring about our grass fed beef! We look forward to sharing our beef with you. Please click on the page above called "Grazing The Benefits" to learn more about our grass fed beef.


    To start the ordering process, we require a deposit when your beef package is ordered and then the remainder of the order is due at delivery. The deposit amount depends on the size of the beef ordered. 1/4 deposit = $300, 1/2 deposit = $600, whole deposit = $1200. The remaining balance will include the processing fees that added to the final invoice.


    A whole beef approximately comes with these items listed below. Please be aware that each animal is different and items vary depending on certain details (animal weight, steak cuts, size of roasts, etc.). This estimate below is based on 1" steak & 3 lb. roasts. On the bulk ground beef please specify on the cutting sheet what fat content you would like... 80/20, 85/15, 90/10. We recommend 90/10, as grass fed beef is naturally lean. You can get hamburger patties made with the ground beef for an extra fee from the processor.


    Estimated Custom Whole Beef

    • 120-140, 1 lb. packages ground hamburger

    OR  to 60-70, 2 lb. packages ground hamburger

    • 24, 1" ribeye steaks
    • 24, 1" t-bone steaks
    • 12-16, 1" sirloin steaks
    • 4-8, 3 lb. arm roasts
    • 4-8, 3 lb. chuck roasts
    • 4 rump roasts
    • 4, 2-3 lb. brisket


    We will send you the custom order sheet closer to the date of processing. Please call the processor with any questions about your custom cuts. Please call us with any questions about our ranch and/or beef that we provide.

    Grass Fed Beef, Custom Whole

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