Grass Fed Beef Prices
American Grass Fed Association Certified

Please see photo for details on beef pricing. Pricing is subject to change. We charge $4.95 per pound hanging weight (weights are approximate). Processing is not included in this price. Keep in mind each animal is different and weight does fluctuate. We require a deposit when the animal is ordered and the remaining balance for beef + processing is due at delivery. We are here to answer questions, please do not hesitate to email or call us.

AA Beef Prices .png
Pastured Chicken Prices
Non-Soy  & Non-Gmo

Our pastured chicken is specifically raised WITHOUT SOY and WITHOUT GMOs.  We do feed them full-time pasture grass with a supplemental organic feed. They are whole chickens that we sell for $6 a pound. Prices are subject to change. They come in a variety of shapes and size, ranging from 3 lbs. to 7 lbs. These chickens are finger-licking good!!

Pastured Chicken OCT 2020.jpg
Farm Fresh, Free Range Egg Prices
Non-Soy  & Non-Gmo

Chicken eggs available in cartons of 1 dozen for $5 a dozen. These chickens are very happy girls. They free range all day with a warm & cozy barn-home to live in at night. We have a variety of chicken breeds that lay beautiful green, white, brown, chocolate, olive, tan, pink & blue eggs. We ask that you return your egg cartons for reuse.

Prairie Opal Eggs 3.jpg